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The Drifters - 'All-Time Greatest Hits & More 1959-1965' celebrates the second golden era of The Drifters featuring, at the height of their popularity, Ben E. King, Charlie Thomas, Dock Green, and Elsbeary Hobbs. The second era of The Drifters, with production helmed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, featured chart hit after chart hit including "There Goes My Baby", "This Magic Moment", "Save The Last Dance for Me", and "Under The Boardwalk". What's your favorite Drifters song? Let us know in the comments ⤵️????

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1. There Goes My Baby 0:00:00
2. Oh My Love 0:02:08
3. Baltimore 0:04:32
4. Hey Senorita 0:06:45
5. Dance with Me 0:09:29
6. (If You Cry) True Love, True Love 0:11:56
7. This Magic Moment 0:14:20
8. Lonely Winds 0:16:49
9. Nobody but Me 0:19:37
10. Save the Last Dance for Me 0:22:13
11. I Count the Tears 0:24:43
12. Sometimes I Wonder 0:26:58
13. Please Stay 0:29:21
14. Room Full of Tears 0:31:39
15. Sweets for My Sweet 0:34:23
16. Some Kind of Wonderful 0:36:53
17. Loneliness or Happiness 0:39:31
18. Mexican Divorce 0:42:11
19. Somebody New Dancin' with You 0:44:50
20. Jackpot 0:47:12
21. She Never Talked to Me That Way 0:49:58
22. When My Little Girl Is Smiling 0:52:33
23. Stranger on the Shore 0:55:04
24. What to Do 0:57:48
25. Up on the Roof 1:00:42
26. Another Night With the Boys 1:03:23
27. I Feel Good All Over 1:06:15
28. Let the Music Play 1:08:24
29. On Broadway 1:11:05
30. I'll Take You Home 1:14:08
31. If You Don't Come Back 1:16:46
32. Didn't It 1:19:24
33. One Way Love 1:21:19
34. He's Just a Playboy 1:23:51
35. Under the Boardwalk 1:26:48
36. I Don't Want to Go on Without You 1:29:33
37. I've Got Sand in My Shoes 1:32:23
38. Saturday Night at the Movies 1:35:12
39. At the Club 1:37:45
40. Come on Over to My Place 1:40:41

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