The Creek | 4K Scenic Relaxation Footage with Calming Music

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#galaxys23ultra #relaxingmusic #4Kfootage
Today the weather was windy but sunny, so I decided to go for a walk with my camera by the creek.
I have used both 3x and 10x zoom, and I think it turned out pretty well????
I’m quite happy with the final result. No color grading or filters are added in post production. What you see is what you get????

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@Louie The Black German Shepherd
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@Kaffepausen anno 2022 (in Danish)
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Recording: 2160 UHD 60 fps - Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Edited in Kinemaster

Connie Friis-Holst

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Creative Commons license Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
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"Juan Sánchez - Very Young Old Man"
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